CWR SoCal, Inc. provides compliant waste disposal and recycling solutions in Southern California, for the cannabis industry. Our products and services are customized, as no two businesses operate with the same amounts and types of waste streams.

Green/Food Waste Hauling & Processing
Industrial and Cyclette Recyclers w/Cultures provided
One-Time, Weekly, Monthly, & Quarterly Options
Soil Rejuvenation
Soil Nutrient Remediation

End-User Recycling
Retail/Distro/Consumption Lounge locations
Zero Waste Recycling Box system created to provide in-house loyalty/rewards programs through recycling

Waste Plans (SOP)
Waste Management Plans (SOP)
Waste Management LOI w/SOP

Industrial 15-55lbs
Cyclette 5-7gal
Bokashi Organic Cultures
10/25/55/100 lbs
EM1 – 1 gallon

*Both brewed and fermented locally. HIGHLY ACTIVATED!

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