July 1, 2018, marked a milestone for regulations, as testing became MANDATORY.

This date also meant that any cannabis/hemp products that did not pass testing, could no longer be sold and had to be destroyed.

The San Diego City Beat penned an article about cannabis waste disposal in the California market. Lara McCaffrey interviewed CWR SoCal Inc.’s, Laura Turner, along with other cannabis waste companies, to find out how this was affecting business for them, as well as for their clients. Below is an excerpt of the article.

Riverside-based Cannabis Waste Recycling SoCal [CWR SoCal] has seen an increase in business, but founder Laura Turner doesn’t only attribute it to emergency regulations. CWR is a small, family-operated company that started in August of 2017 and services San Diego and other Southern California cities.

“Aside from it just being the July 1 crunch, people are realizing that they actually do need to do something with regards to their cannabis waste management,” says Turner. “They’re trying to make sure they get ahead of the curve before [the state] actually starts doing audits and enforcing some of these regulations.”

Most of what CWR has collected is processing waste—items like moldy herb and concentrates that don’t have good sell value—and industrial CBD products. The California Department of Public Health determined in July that CBD cannot be considered an “approved food, food ingredient, food additive, or dietary supplement” if it is derived from hemp.

Turner says most of her customers are pretty well educated on the new regulations and she hasn’t processed much non-compliant products.

To make one correction to the article, processing waste is separate from moldy herb, concentrates that don’t have good sell value or CBD products. Processing waste is waste that has gone through an extraction process which, is 85% of the waste CWR SoCal recycles.

In March 2019, the landscape is somewhat different when it comes to waste. Manufacturers, cultivators, and retail locations understand, more so now than ever, that waste management is a real ‘thing’ when it comes to compliance. Emergency inspections have created a new wave of waste solution seekers.

Businesses are establishing weekly, monthly, and quarterly pickups for their manufacturing, cultivation, and retail waste. Testing labs have now caught on to the importance of, at the very least, having a waste plan in place. With locations being fined a percentage of daily revenues for non-compliance, waste solutions are the easiest part of managing compliance for your business. Sadly, many business owners just aren’t aware that solutions are available, let alone the possible tax benefits recycling may bring for them.

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It’s a dirty job, but cannabis waste is good business

August 21, 2018 – 5:14 PM