Who do you contact when you move into a new place? I mean, outside of your family and friends, asking for help to move, but really… who do you call?

You call a mover, if you don’t have a truck and/or a trailer to haul your own boxes and furniture. You call the cable company to set up service. Unless you’re into Netflix and chill, allowing you to save for a nice bottle of vino to enjoy with said flick. You call the phone, gas, electric, water, and TRASH company. Right?!

However, when it comes to the cannabis industry setting up their locations, whether for; manufacturing, cultivation, retail, testing, distribution, cannabis waste is the LAST thought, if ever, in the business/operations plan. Most business owners do not think, “Oh, we need a way to compliantly dispose of our cannabis waste.” For one thing, what is cannabis waste in the first place?


To define it, you have to define the stream first. Dispensaries will have one stream of cannabis waste, compared to a cultivator, versus a manufacturer. ALL of them will have at least one stream of waste that will be best disposed of through regular or organics recycling.

Delivery Services, Dispensaries, Distributors and Testing Facilities

Delivery services, dispensaries, distributors, and testing facilities will produce the least amount of waste. Typically the waste is aesthetically damaged/broken, moldy, did not past testing, or was simply ‘OLD’ waste. All four of these license types will come in contact with flower, edibles, concentrates, topicals, tinctures, etc. Things like flower and edibles, even tinctures and topicals can be easily recycled.

When it comes to darts and cartridges of distillate, concentrates, and oils, rather than sending tons of this waste to landfills, there are solutions available to compliantly recycle this waste, even though no regulations to do so have been established. The solutions available can be used to create loyalty rewards programs within retail locations, that create branding opportunities. But what about cultivators and manufacturers?

Cultivators and Manufacturers

Grow bulbs from lights, rock wool, with root balls attached, stems, stalks, trim, flower, edibles, concentrates, topicals, and tinctures are all waste streams produced by cultivators and manufacturers. This is all waste that can be recycled into some type of beneficial product. The organic/food waste can be broken down and used for fuel or to amend soil to grow food within local communities. Bulbs can be properly recycled, while carts and darts can be broken down into; metal, glass, and plastic, then turned into new sellable products.

Whether in the application phase or an existing license, if you do not have a waste disposal plan in place for your business or an option for services, you need to find a compliant cannabis waste disposal solution, BEFORE you’re hit with an emergency inspection. So, if you are looking to start a cannabis business, or are currently operating one, DON’T FORGET ABOUT COMPLIANT WASTE DISPOSAL! It will save you on unnecessary fines and future audits!!!